At least 24 people have been killed in a massive weather system that has spawned tornadoes, flooding and even blizzard conditions.

Eleven people died in Texas when tornadoes swept the state, eight more died in Missouri due to flash flooding and five people died in southern Illinois, also due to flooding.

According to our weather experts, much of the blame for the destructive weather lies with El Niño.

"A persistent El Nino weather pattern is one of the global puzzle pieces leading to our climate fluctuations," said meteorologist Mike Simon. "The Pacific Ocean goes through cooling and warming cycles that can last for several months.  When it remains warmer than normal for an extended period of time, it is dubbed an El Niño." 

In the Orlando area, we've seen record highs broken three days in the last month. Temperatures in Florida say temperatures most of the month have run 10 to 15 degrees above normal.

Wile the peninsula portion of the state has escaped the chaos we're seeing elsewhere, severe storms have moved through the panhandle, including a tornado spotted in Molino Monday morning.

More record highs are forecast to be broken until temperature come down at the end of the week.