Many people will be spending the holidays with their families. For one Seminole County family, it has taken some ups and downs and a lot of legal paperwork just to become the family they are today.

Jasmine and Piper are like many sisters. Sometimes they can get on each other’s last nerve. But the story of how the two ended up under one roof is anything but typical.

Jessica and Matt Brice’s family began falling into place about three years ago. Jessica says she had just miscarried when the Brices got the opportunity to care for, and eventually adopt their youngest daughter, Piper.

“We were not really planning on having a 3-year-old at the time, so that was quite a shock,” said Jessica Brice.

Not long after that, the Brices realized Piper’s older sister, Jasmine, also needed a stable home.  A few weeks ago that home became permanent when the Brice’s officially adopted Jasmine.

“We’ve always wanted to have our own kids, but I actually feel so fulfilled with the two that I have that I don’t even have the desire to want that anymore, because to me – that’s not what really matters,” said Brice.

Community Based Care of Central Florida, which facilitated the girls’ adoptions, says there’s a growing need for adoptive families in Central Florida. The agency has about 60 kids in need of adoption right now in Seminole, Orange and Osceola counties.

“To know they don’t have a future and they don’t have a home, it really hurts,” said Brice.

This Christmas, Brice is thankful she was able to keep Piper and Jasmine together, and give them both a good permanent home.

“It really does just feel like we were meant to be together,” said Brice.

For more information on fostering, adopting, or volunteering with children in Central Florida, head to the Community Based Care website.