A swimmer found dead at Blue Spring State Park had injuries consistent with an alligator attack.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers released the updated cause of death of 62-year-old Jame Okkerse Wednesday. They say the Volusia County Medical Examiner's Office says "the cause and manner of death of Mr. Okkerse is consistent with an alligator attack."

Okkerse's body was found Monday. The sheriff's office in Volusia County said there was "obvious trauma" to his body.

The park was closed to swimmers twice on Sunday after a large gator was seen in the spring.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife officer confirmed a large alligator had been seen in the spring Monday before Okkerse disappeared under the water and was later found dead.

"This is a gator that was seen in the area," said FWC Officer Lenny Salberg, adding on Sunday, "They told me they closed the park down twice because of the gator."

FWC said they euthanized a 12 and a half-foot gator that they believe was involved in Okkerse's death.

(Saul Saenz, Staff)