Marriage can be wonderful, but if you’re not sure of all the legal challenges, the process can also be a nightmare.

“There are a myriad of legal and tax issues that face somebody deciding whether or not to get married,” said Alan Gassman, a Clearwater attorney.

Same-sex couples across the state of Florida tied the knot for the first time on Tuesday, January 6.

It was a joyous moment for thousands, but with that happiness comes some new legal challenges. To understand the legal complications of marriage, Gassman wrote a book called The Florida Legal Guide for Same-Sex Couples.

“I really felt that there was a need for this type of information,” said Gassman.

Gay or straight, the average person couldn’t possibly know all the rules off-hand.

“Things like your homestead property settlements, alimony obligations, a dramatic change in your social security rights, the list just goes on and on,” Gassman said.

It took Gassman and his team hundreds of hours to put together all the research.

“A same-sex couple that has been together 15 to 20 years now getting married are going to be treated much differently, they typically have separate property, they have separate children, they have a myriad of considerations.”

Gassman said it’s not about spoiling the celebration for same sex couples, it’s about helping them navigate the journey.

People can buy Gassman’s book on Amazon for their Kindle.