With the primary election just weeks away, Volusia County’s elections office is already experiencing some big time obstacles.

Thousands of absentee ballots were returned by the US Postal Service as undeliverable.
In the primary, we have a little over three thousand, so far," said supervisor of elections Ann McFall. "And there isn't that much of a turnout in the primaries. So we're going through each and every one of the 3,000 we've gotten undeliverable and make sure they truly are."

At the end of business Monday there were 3,500 undeliverable absentee ballots, to be exact.

McFall believes those ballots were undeliverable because people either moved from their homes, or moved out of the county altogether. So now the supervisor of elections office is trying to reach those eligible voters to see if they want to do an address change to vote in the August primary. McFall admits the task is daunting.

"And it's zeroed in on DeLand and Daytona, which are two transient areas in Volusia County," McFall said.

Right now elections workers are preparing a report for the canvassing board, which is scheduled to meet Monday, August 11. That's when they will get direction on how to proceed.

"Now by law we don't have to contact any of these people. But to me every vote truly does count," McFall said.