The year was 1972. Grease made its Broadway debut. ABBA was formed.

That's also the year Emogene Stegall became Lake County's Supervisor of Elections. She had worked in the office, though, since the late 50s.

At 88 years old, she has the same job.

She, probably more than anyone else, has seen the evolution of the voting process and particularly loves the modern-conveniences.

"In the office was 2 manual type-writers," Stegall said. "There were no clicking, no Twitter Tweet."

She used to have to type all of the voter records onto a metal plate and insert it into a metal frame.

"Very noisy, and my boss could always tell if I was working or not!" Stegall said.

Stegall takes pride in her open door policy, even when the number of registered voters is 12 times what it was when she started - now at more than 205,000.

"It gives me a very good feeling when people say 'I hope you never retire,'" Stegall said.

From the governor's race to constitutional amendments on the ballot, Stegall is hoping for a way bigger turnout on Nov. 4.