Starting Saturday, and continuing until Labor Day on September 1, the Florida Highway Patrol will be focusing their patrol efforts on drunk drivers.

It's not just FHP participating in "Driver Sober of Get Pulled Over," law enforcement and highway safety agencies across the country hoping to remove as many impaired drivers from roadways as possible in an effort they hope will save lives.

“Take a 'shot' at drinking and driving, and we’ll provide the chaser,” said FHP Director Col. David Brierton. “The choice to drink and drive is a bad decision that could have grave consequences. Be responsible, don’t drink and drive.”

To arrive at your destination safely, Troopers want to remind drivers to always do the following:

  • • Drive sober, and only sober
  • • Buckle up
  • • Eliminate distractions
  • • If you do drink, plan ahead and have a designated driver
  • • Observe and obey all speed limits

The "Driver Sober" campaign coincides with the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend which traditionally marks the end of the summer travel season.

All FHP personnel, including those normally assigned to administrative duties, will be patrolling interstates and state roads during the four-day holiday weekend.

Officials said FHP auxiliary troopers will also volunteer to augment their patrol during the holiday weekend. FHP officials believe the increased presence throughout Florida will deter traffic violations, and enhance services to motorists who break down, or need other assistance while traveling.

If you encounter an impaired driver on the road, or need to request roadside assistance, you can dial *347 from your cell phone to call FHP.