Investigators say Brittney Stolin went in to a Wells Fargo Bank in Apopka Wednesday with an elderly man who she’s spent the last year caring for. Deputies say the man’s memory is fading, and he likely didn’t even know where he really was.

But they say Stolin asked the man for money, and then had him go up to a bank teller and ask the teller to withdraw twenty thousand dollars.

The 23-year-old Stolin gave investigators several reasons why she needed money; including using the money for her wedding. She says she tried to get a loan at another bank, but when that bank turned her down for the loan, she says she then went to the Wells Fargo where the elderly man had an account.

But investigators with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office say bank employees became suspicious and called the man’s power of attorney. That power of attorney notified the bank the withdrawal was not authorized, and deputies came to the bank and arrested Stolin.

“The bank teller at the Wells Fargo played a crucial role in stopping this man from being victimized,” said Kristen Bentsen, a spokesperson for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Despite Stolin’s claims of financial troubles, she was able to post $8,000 bond and get out of jail after her arrest Wednesday. No one answered the door when News 13 went to the home listed as Stolin’s address.

Investigators say the elderly can easily become victims of financial manipulation, especially if their minds aren't what they used to be.

“If you have an elderly loved one or family member, and you start seeing signs they are a little more vulnerable, you definitely want to get them a power of attorney for financial decisions. And have that power of attorney on file at their mortgage institutions, as well as their banks,” said Bentsen.

Stolin is charged with one count of exploitation of the elderly, which is a crimes against person offense.