State Representative Bryan Nelson is term-limited from running again in District 31, so now there’s a battle for his seat and one of the candidates is only 23 years old.

We checked in with the News 13’s political analysts to learn what they think about this race and the five candidates for the District 31 seat.

By clicking on the link with each candidate's name, you can visit their website to learn more about their campaign and views.

They are all Republicans, and they run the gamut in age; what’s unique is that Jennifer Sullivan just turned 23 years old on Friday.

“Jennifer Sullivan is the most fascinating of them all because she is so young,” said News 13 Political Analyst Michelle Ertel.

Sullivan works as a youth development leader, and has launched you can visit her website here.

"Don’t discriminate me because of my age; I may be young, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the role of government,” says Sullivan.

There is also Randy Glisson who is a 53 year-old chiropractor and clinic owner; you learn more about his campaign here.

Also running is 66-year-old Belita Grassel, who has worked as the union leader for Lake County teachers.

52-year-old Terri Seefeldt -- a businesswoman with a background in insurance and financial services who would visit Tallahassee.

“Taking to the legislators about bills and how they impact the customers we service and the good and the bad and after going up there so many times over the last 19 years I’ve decided I wanted to show up more than just once or twice a year,” said Seefeldt.

51-year-old Joseph Stephens – owner of the business Mortgage Fraud Investigations, Inc.

"In my mind, it comes down to a personality conflict, which personality fits best with the district, and who has raised the most money and who gets their name out there the most,” said News 13 Political Analyst Jeremiah Jaspon.

Jaspon said many of the candidates are newcomers and not known in the district.

District 31 represents Tavares, Mount Dora, Apopka, Eustis and Umatilla

The winner will be decided during the universal primary on August 26 because there are no democrats in the race.

“It’s a Republican district; the numbers do not favor a democrat," said Jaspon.

Both Political Analysts agree, to win it’s going to take a lot of hard work by raising money, knocking on doors and trying to get their name out there.

Ertel said, “This race is absolutely undecided. It’s anybody’s game.”

This is an open race – meaning all registered voters are allowed to cast their votes.  

Now, last week on News 13’s Political Connections, we talked to Jennifer Sullivan, and this week, we sit down with Terri Seefeldt on Political Connections, Sunday at 8:00pm right here on News 13.