Federal agents busted a major synthetic marijuana operation today in Central Florida.

The busts in Altamonte Springs and Windermere are part of a national operation.

Agents arrested Harmeet Singh, owner of an Altamonte Mall jewelry store, saying he is responsible for producing and distributing synthetic marijuana all across Central Florida.

Agents searched Singh's home all day Wednesday.

Federal agents took several items, they say they have seized Singh’s home and more than $13 million in assets from Singh and people working with him.

All of it they say he was able to buy because of his drug operation.

Federal agents spent several hours searching Milano Jewelers inside the Altamonte Mall Wednesday. (not Altamonte Springs Mall)

The store is owned By Harmeet Singh, and DEA officials say he ran it to cover up the cash he was making from his K-2 operation.

"We believe Milano Jewelers which Mr. Singh owned and operated in the Altamonte Springs Mall, was a front for money laundering in order for him to cloak the origin of his proceeds," said DEA Agent Jeffrey Walsh.

Agents say the drugs were not being sold out of the mall.

But, they say Singh and several other men are responsible for importing, producing and distributing synthetic marijuana.

It was being sold to different smoke shops all across the region.

"It generated hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars."

Federal agents also searched a warehouse Singh is accused of using for distribution in Orlando, and Singh’s Windermere Home.

They have seized both properties and any merchandise that was in Milano Jewlers. 

They also shut down a store in Pinellas County.

The bust is a part of a national Synthetic Drug Takedown they are calling Project Synergy.

Search warrants are being executed in 25 states across the country today, to get synthetic marijuana off the streets.

"It’s become very popular over the years, and the DEA and federal government has taken legislative and enforcement steps to address the abuse that’s resulting from its popularity."

Agents say Singh’s drug operation goes back all the way to 2010.

They say these are just initial charges he’s being indicted on, and the investigation is still ongoing.