Police received a call from the Ocala Cluster Facility, in reference to reporting abuse of a client, at the hands of a caretaker.

The victim is a 44-year-old male who is both mentally, and physically disabled. He is a full-time resident of the Ocala Cluster Facility.

Staff at the facility noticed a large bruise on the victim's right shoulder, and the victim disclosed to the facility director, and the responding officer, that one of his caretakers, Ryan Edwards, 25, had struck him in the shoulder last Friday because he was angry that the victim kept soiling himself.

The bruising was enough to draw attention, and was described as painful by the victim.

Edwards was then questioned.

He confirmed the information provided by the victim, saying he lost his temper due to the victim soiling himself, and that he struck the victim in the shoulder.

Edwards was then placed under arrest by officers for one count of abuse of a disabled adult, and transported to the Marion County Jail.