A young girl kidnapped from a gas station, forcefully caught up in the world of human sex trafficking, was rescued today during an undercover sex sting operation.

Details are being revealed as to how a prostitution sting led to the 14-year-old’s rescue.

Detectives say Gregory Foster found a 14-year-old girl at an Orange County gas station, and lured her with drinks and snacks. 

The victim told investigators the man said he’d drive her home, but instead drove her to a location where someone was willing to pay for sex.

The girl says she refused to have sex with that man, but Foster forced her to have sex with him.

Then, detectives say it appears Foster saw an ad for someone looking for a prostitute.

What he didn’t know is that “John” was really a Lake County detective.

The operation was done completely online, set up through pages like Craigslist and Backpage.

Over a 3 day period last week, Lake County Sheriff’s office set up outside an undisclosed hotel, where men willing to pay for sex and women offering sex for money showed up at the designated hotel room.

As they took off their shirts, or put their hands together in anticipation, deputies came in to arrest them.

“We were targeting prostitution whether it was women or guys if they were willing to show up at this location we were willing to put them in jail.” Said Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders.

In all, 44 were arrested during "Operation Hollerback",  including 20 women and 24 men. Some of those men include two nurses.

But for the sheriff’s office the biggest arrest of all was Foster, who is accused of bringing the 14-year-old girl with him just six hours after she was kidnapped.

Detectives say she she could have been forced into a life of prostitution for years to come, instead now she’s home with family.

Sheriff Borders viewed the operation as success, “It’s successful because we were able to get a 14-year-old girl and reunite her with her mother and put a guy in jail who had kidnapped her and charge him with kidnapping and human trafficking.”

Foster is being held on $231,000 bond.