Orange County deputies are investigating after a homeowner says he shot and killed a suspected burglar.

It happened just after 3 a.m. Saturday on Elmhurst Circle, just west of the town of Eatonville.

Homeowner Usaf-Ali Castle said he shot the alleged burglar in self-defense.

He said 20-year-old Clifford Johnson dropped the gun, so he picked it up and fired.

Castle said he didn't know the man that broke into his home early Saturday morning.

But in order to protect his friends and himself, he said he shot the home invader, killing him.

Castle said he was making rap music in his garage when Johnson broke into his house, yelling "give me your money."

"I heard something, guy was coming in through the window,” Castle said. “My big friend started wrestling him, dropped his pistol, picked it up. They pushed off from each other got a little separation, and I started shooting."

Castle said he shot the man four or five times.

It was Castle's so-called big friend, Joseph Robinson, who tackled the man first.

"I just kind of rushed myself,” Robinson said. “He had gloves. He had a gun. He came here, I kind of figured he was really, came here to hurt somebody or harm somebody. So I don't know what made me do it, but I rushed him. I went at him and grabbed his hand, and we rustled a little bit."

Robinson said after Johnson broke through the window, he went to the door to let in two other people.

But shocked by everything, they ran off.

"We believe we're looking for at least two people, persons of interest we may have information about what happened in this household," said Detective Eric Debose from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Castle said there were four people inside the home before the break in.

He claims he doesn't know why anyone would rob him.

"I don't know,” Castle said. “We were doing music and stuff, maybe people think I got something, I don't know."

These artists plan to use this experience in their music.

One things for sure, these rap artists plan to use this experience in their music.

"I rap about a lot of things that go on, this most definitely going to be one of my songs," Robinson said.

Castle said he would do it all again, if it meant saving his friends' lives.

If you have any information about this incident, call CrimeLine at (800) 423-TIPS (8477).