A three-day art event called Snap! Orlando has just gotten itself a permanent gallery.

Replacing the old Cameo Theatre is Snap! Space, a 5,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor to serve as an interactive home for innovative connections between international artists and audiences.

While the emphasis is on "snap" photography, the gallery also features tiny sculptures that can go everywhere you do. They're called sculpture rings.

"Every person that comes in contact with it says they've never seen anything quite so original," said Rebecca Rose, whose rings are on display at part of the opening "Vintage Nouveau" exhibit.

Rose says she used to do "large scale installations" that were 30 x 15 x 8 feet. So the fact that she's now making rings that are totally wearable challenges her to "say as much as I could in a smaller amount of space."

One ring I was particularly drawn to is called "Sugaring."

"So there's cupcakes and candy bars, ice cream sundaes and whatnot."

But on the top are two children and a strategically placed, teeny-tiny stethoscope. Rose has a point to make - that today's portion sizes are out of control.

"The power that sugar has over little children sometimes is a little too much for them to handle," she delicately put it.

Elsewhere inside Snap! Space is an assortment of photographs from well-known national and international artists. Snap! Space owner Patrick Kahn walked us over to the candids of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Marilyn Monroe by German artist Axel Crieger. His ‘digital paintings’ combine a variety of photographs, effects, and narrations.

"He buys the rights to vintage photography and he uses them in a modern setting," Kahn said, pointing out that the hotel room JFK was photographed inside has been given modern touches.

We also examined a candid of  Frank Sinatra and his body double next to a mosaic of Ol' Blue Eyes made out of a "bazillion" mini-photos of himself. On the other side of the space are silkscreens of Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger by Gered Mankowitz, a British photographer of the rock music scene over the last 40 years. Some of his portraits of rock musicians like The Rolling Stones, Kate Bush, Hendrix and Slade, are now part of the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery.

Gentlemen might particularly enjoy the gallery's sexier images - like pin-ups with barely-there attire.

"It's very Jessica Rabbit," Kahn smiled.

The opening exhibit ends next week. Up next is "Taking Flight," which debuts Feb. 21.

Snap! Space is located at Snap! at 1013 East Colonial Drive in Orlando.