Thousands of dead fish are floating along the top of the water in popular Brevard County creek, and it's leaving an awful smell for residents to deal with.

"We've seen a lot of fish floating up the creek," said Joan Kundis, a resident who has lived along the banks of the Turkey Creek for 17 years.

A lot of fish — mainly catfish — have been spotted dead in the water recently.

But what's killing the fish? Could it be part of a harmful red tide algae bloom or another natural cause?

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said they are looking into what’s killing all of the fish.

Test results on the water are expected to be completed sometime next week.

Residents said the deadly fish smell gets worse at night.

"When the dampness sets in, you can really smell the foul fish odor," Kundis said.

Kundis' relatives are visiting from North Carolina. Before the rains rolled in, they got out on a boat and spotted even more dead fish on the water.

"I'm sure it's not good for the fishermen out here trying to catch some nice dinner," said Kundis' grandson, Luke Self.

Kundis said they aren't eating any fish until officials determine what’s killing the fish in Turkey Creek.

"It's a continuous stream of dead fish," Kundis said.

The Department of Environmental Protection is also looking into the fish kill to see if some kind of chemical is causing the problem.