It's the talk of a Brevard County Walmart Neighborhood Market -- a baby born in a car in the parking lot.

It happened just before noon at the store on Babcock Street Thursday.

The father had just stepped in for a few moments. When he came outside, he learned he was a new dad.

Incredibly police officers and firefighters witnessed the aftermath of what had happened. The woman had given birth in a car, while her three daughters watched, and the child's father was inside on a quick shopping trip.

Police tell us the father-to-be was only inside a couple minutes, and when he walked outside, saw his children frantically yelling for him to hurry to the car.

In that short amount of time, the woman birthed her fourth child inside the car.

"I would be floored and astounded," said shopper Earl Wright, who has two kids of his own.

He said he can only imagine what that father was thinking when he got to the car.

Other shoppers like Brenda Baker, mother of two, thinks about the three children who saw their baby brother born.

"The little kids being there when the baby was born. I can't imagine the experience for those children," said Baker.

We're told the mother and baby are fine -- the family did decline our request for an interview.

Walmart said they will be giving them gift cards and other baby related items to congratulate them on their unique birth experience.