Orange County deputies said a man accused of trying to rob the gift shop at the Catholic Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe didn't get far, thanks to a wardrobe malfunction.

Deputies said Anthony Garcia, 31, walked into the gift shop at the shrine, on Vineland Avenue in south Orlando, around 1:30 p.m. and demanded the cashier hand over all the money in the drawer.

Investigators say Garcia grabbed the entire drawer from the register.

But as he tried to run, his pants started to slip off his waist, deputies say.

“Now, remember: He’s holding a drawer," said Jane Watrel, with the Orange County Sheriff's Office. "Both hands are on the drawer. So, he tries to take one hand pull up his pants. Well, the director of maintenance saw his opening, caught up with him, pulled his pants down and then put him in a cradle.”

Two deputies who were near the shrine on Vineland Avenue in the area who were able to get to there quickly.

As for the man who made the tackle, he says he only acted because Garcia didn’t have a weapon.

Garcia was on probation at the time of the robbery, deputies said.