Investigators say a Brevard County pizza delivery man took action into his own hands -- shooting and killing a would-be robber.

Investigators said Byron Park, a Domino's employee, had just delivered a pizza to one of the rooms at the Days Inn off US-192 near Interstate 95.

Park, 54, went back to his car, sat down and started counting his money and tip.

That’s when investigators said 32-year-old Fredrick Kelly Jr. approached him with a knife, demanded money and threatened to kill him.

Park pulled out his firearm and fired once toward Kelly, who was struck and pronounced dead at the scene.

"Preliminary evidence in the case demonstrates that the intended victim of the robbery acted in self-defense while being robbed by a violent criminal who was armed with a knife," said Sheriff Wayne Ivey. "The suspect in this investigation was released from prison in 2009, after serving a reduced sentence for similar violent crimes.”

Investigators said Kelly had a lengthy violent criminal history, which included armed robbery, false imprisonment and aggravated battery.

The hotel's general manager said the company has no comment.