Biketoberfest, which begins later this week, is expected to draw 100,000 bikers to Volusia County.

Some might think nice weather is a good thing, but not everyone.

Business owners said Biketoberfest bikers often venture farther away from town when the sun is shining, which means less money spent at their shops.

But there is still a positive this year - some bikers have already started invading the World's Most Famous Beach and businesses are already cashing in.

Shop owner John Sanchez said the ideal weather may bring more bikers out, but it also prompts them to leave Main Street and shop at other venues.

He prefers rain.

"Drizzly, rainy weather keeps them on Main Street, and they go shopping, shopping, shopping. And we like to encourage that," said Sanchez.

He said cash registers ring a lot more along Main Street when bikers stay here, stay dry and shop.

Greg Bush and Margaret Morrison arrived Saturday from New York.

They did not have to struggle for parking and want to start spending their money now.

"We kind of like to get down here early and see things before they get set up and you get a lot of good deals before they get set up. And it's a little slower pace sliding into it," said Bush.

Though Biketoberfest brings in smaller crowds than Bike Week, early birds will have elbow room before things get cramped.

"We like to watch them come in. We're already settled. They're the ones coming in," said Morrison.

Biketoberfest officially starts Thursday and ends Sunday.