It seems like the victims of the Titanic tragedy are still attached to items they once used and touched. At least that’s what Titanic The Experience wants to prove. So, staffers put together a paranormal investigation. They claim to have found conclusive evidence that ghostly friends are hanging around.

“We may have a friend of ours with us right now," said Joe Zimmer, actor and exhibit general manager, pointing to a heavy chain securely encased. "That bottom link is swinging. It only seems to do just that when we are talking about these things.”

Zimmer and his partner-in-crime, Jac LeDoux, took us around the attraction’s 17 galleries. They claim that their fellow staff members and visitors are seeing stuff they can’t explain.

Like inside the Grand Staircase, which - as not displayed in the 1997 movie - goes up five levels. When we got to the replica, Zimmer showed us photographic evidence that, well, shook him up.

“There are things called orbs. That is an orb," he said, pointing to a blow up photo taken while a staffer named Brittany was handling paranormal equipment.

And don't be alarmed if your hair raises slightly once you get to the room with the telegraph.

"In this room, since this has come in - especially since this has come in - strange things have happened," Zimmer insisted.

He also says spooky stuff has been happening out on the ship's deck, which is set at a cool 60-65 degrees for effect.

"Right by that first window was a man in an officer’s uniform. I saw it." He said the man had no legs.

The prized possession appears in the last gallery -- Little Big Piece. It is an actual chunk of the "Ship of Dreams."

Here's the official press release:

Titanic The Experience, an interactive exhibition which reopened in January in Orlando, is now offering unique ghost tours based on personal anecdotes of staff and the recent ghost investigation hosted by the venue. Tours will take place every Thursday evening at 7 p.m.

For the past five years, staff members at Titanic The Experience have encountered some strange and unanswerable events within the Exhibition. “While some swear it is the spirits of the passengers and crew members of Titanic reaching out from ‘the other side’ others speculate it is their minds playing tricks on them,” said Kerri Drake, general manager of Titanic The Experience.

To put the debate to rest and finally find answers to these unusual events, Titanic The Experience hosted a paranormal investigation organization, which claimed to have found conclusive evidence of paranormal activity generated by those passengers and crew who sailed on the legendary Ship the evening she met her fate.

“After conducting a ghost investigation which uncovered extensive paranormal activity, we decided we needed to share the amazing results with our visitors,” said Katherine Seymour, vice president of public relations for Premier Exhibitions. “Ghost tours will allow our guests the opportunity to get a little closer to the passengers and crew who met their fate that tragic evening.”

Many people believe that the souls of those lost sometimes connect themselves with the objects they leave behind. The staff at Titanic The Experience is not sure, but there is no denying some creepy things happening in the Exhibition. The actors at the Exhibition have compiled some of their spookiest and most unusual stories along with lore surrounding the “Ship of Dreams.”

“I am a skeptic and encourage visitors of Titanic The Experience to prove me wrong. I have personally experienced odd encounters here at Titanic The Experience, which have no explanation. It seems this Ship and its former passengers and crew have a few more secrets left to reveal,” said Drake.

The ghost tours are designed for all ages and led by Titanic The Experience actors who usually portray notable Titanic passengers during the regular daily tours. Guests will also have an opportunity to explore the Exhibition and its authentic artifacts including a watch chain with pearls; telegraph to the main engine room; cooking pot; deck lamp; wine bottle; marble slab with cold water faucet and waste valve, and cut crystal carafe with the flag of White Star Line, the company that owned the iconic Ship. In addition, guests will be awed by a two-ton section of the R.M.S. Titanic’s hull - the second largest piece of Titanic ever recovered.

On October 31, Titanic The Experience will be offering ghost tours every hour, all day long. Guests will be able to purchase ghost tour tickets at regular ticket prices ($21.95) if they come in costume. On Halloween night, the Exhibition will host a ghostly dinner show beginning at 7:00 pm.

WHERE: 7324 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. The Exhibition is located between Sea World and Universal Studios on International Drive

WHEN: Titanic The Experience is open seven days a week. Ghost Tours are conducted every Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. Guests are advised to arrive 30 minutes prior to the tour.

ADMISSION: Tickets can be purchased at, or at the on-site box office.

Adult $24.95

Child (3-11) $15.95

Family Four Pack $95.00