Many people have their own favorite Easter traditions, but one of the best known in Central Florida is heading to the coast to watch the sun rise.

Among the most popular services along Florida's Atlantic coast Sunday morning was a sunrise Mass for Our Saviour's Catholic community on the shores of Cocoa Beach.

Ed Pulz, who brought his family to the annual sunrise service, said it's all about faith and renewal of spirit.

"We get up early. We come down to be with everybody, all the other Christians in the area," said Pulz. "We get our day started early, and we're able to get back home and work the Sunday being together as a family."

Christians throughout the world celebrate Easter as one of the holiest days of their faith, commemorating the day they believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead nearly 2,000 years ago.

Folks from as far away as Canada gathered at Cocoa Beach to celebrate Easter Sunday by watching the sun rise over the ocean, a setting the faithful said is the perfect place to start anew.

With so many people gathered Sunday morning, the Rev. Doug Bailey, chaplain at the Florida Institute of Technology, said the feeling is overwhelming and an easy attraction.

"It's so uplifting," said Rev. Bailey. "Some people -- you know, God bless them -- this might be the only time they'll come, but at least they're here today."

As the crowd sang hymns and received holy communion, Pulz said it may be the setting on the beach that brings the faithful here, but it's family they maintain once they leave.

"We're going to spend the day together," he said. "We're going to show each other love as a family, relax and have a good Easter Sunday."

Others said they plan to stay at the beach for the rest of the day to spend some quality time with each other.