Many people are talking about Dwight Howard's decision to stay with the Magic. But what was really behind that choice?

We spoke with a sports psychologist to get to the bottom of this and found out something a lot of you may cheer about even more--- a championship.

Is it too soon to say championship? Because that's what Dr. Patrick Cohn says is behind this. Dwight Howard wants one and he thinks it'll happen with the Magic.

“I'm committed if you're committed. I want to be here if you believe in your heart and in your ability that we can win a championship,” explains sports psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn.

So, it's simple. Dwight Howard is staying with the Magic to get that coveted win--- according to Dr. Cohn. That's the obvious sign, but there are some other factors too.

“Some people are loyal to the fans and some players are loyal to the owner and their teammates,” continues Dr. Cohn.

He says Howard is loyal to winning and deep down, believes it can happen with the Magic. That's a good reason to stay, but Cohn says Howard actually cares about the fans and what they think of him. That was another reason to not desert the Magic.

“He doesn't want the aftermath of what's going to go along with that," Cohn said. "So, he pays attention to what are people going to be saying? What's going to be the backlash from that?”

Dr. Cohn's been doing this over 20 years. He says the last part referenced LeBron James's very public decision. Cohn says Lebron wanted to be with a team he can win with and for Dwight Howard, it's the Magic.