You saw it as a kid: Your favorite athlete on the front of a Wheaties box, but it was always a professional athlete. 

You may not have known it then, but it was against NCAA rules for student-athletes to make any kind of money or profit from their likeness. 

That all changed when the NCAA relaxed those rules. Now, in an era where social media is king, student-athletes have the opportunity to cash in on their name and image. 

Is that good for student athletes and athletics? And at the same time, the NCAA has relaxed transfer rules, so much so that college athletes can essentially declare “free agency” and transfer to another school during the off-season. 

Are we just turning college football and college basketball into a de facto minor league system for the NFL and NBA?


  • State Sen. Corey Simon [R], District 3, Tallahassee
  • Olivia Stacey, Spectrum Sports 360 anchor/reporter