ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Olympia High School in Orlando reopens for the first time in two weeks as another Orange County school is closing for the same amount of time because of coronavirus cases on campus.

What You Need To Know

West Orange High School is entering a 14-day quarantine period as Olympia High School comes out of it, reopening this morning.

Olympia High School is reopening after six students tested positive for the coronavirus as those cases linked to the same birthday party.

In addition, 156 people who came into contact with those who tested positive were asked to quarantine.

And 922 students who were doing in-person learning will be going back on Monday morning after everyone was on LaunchEd digital learning the past two weeks.  

An Olympia High School teacher said he trusts the district is making good decisions during this pandemic.

"When we went face-to-face, I also understood that because people had to get back to work, so we were balancing out that whole thing. Then when we went all online this time, I don't know," Olympia High School drama teacher Edwin Budd said.

Olympia freshman Michelle Olson is happy to be back to her routine, walking to school after two weeks of LaunchEd learning.

"I'm really excited because I get to see all my friends again, but I'm also kind of nervous because I don't know how it's going to work out, like we might have to go back to home again," Olson said.

She's been craving social interaction while hoping to get a high school experience.

"Digitally is nice because you're relaxed in your own home, but face-to-face just gives you the opportunity to have a high school experience, and meet new people, and connect with your teachers," Olson said.

In Winter Garden, West Orange High School is now closed for two weeks.

"Our school will be pivoting to LaunchEd at home due to 10 confirmed COVID-19 cases and atleast 2 pending cases within the school," West Orange High School Principal Matt Turner said in a voicemail to the school community.

The Florida Department of Health is doing free drive-thru coronavirus testing on campus.

"There are 159 Florida Department of Health quarantine letters for individuals determined to be exposed," Principal Turner said in the voicemail.

Olson is hoping her school will be able to stay open so she can continue connecting with her classmates and new teachers.

"Even though you're talking with them through a mask and you have to stay 6 feet apart, you still get to see people," she said.

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