ORLANDO, Fla.Orlando International Airport leaders have released a survey to gauge whether people are comfortable flying right now and what types of travel they're interested in.

What You Need To Know

  • Orlando International Airport issues survey to gauge concerns

  • Airport leaders want to know if you're comfortable flying or why not

  • Pandemic has reduced OIA air travel by 90% from a year ago

More than 1,000 respondents had filled it out as of Thursday. One of the questions on the survey asks whether travelers feel safe flying.

The survey also aims to figure out whether people plan to travel for business or leisure; they're interested in flying, driving, or using a rental car for a trip; or they will stay within the country or fly internationally.

Keishod Veney on Thursday was heading back to Los Angeles, happy to hear that Orlando airport leaders were looking for public input.

"You can't make moves — 'I'm going to do this, do that' — and not have inputs of the people who are traveling," Veney said.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the airport installed hand sanitizer stations across the airport to increase cleanliness. Other safety changes implemented at OIA include enhanced cleaning in high-touch areas, application of disinfectant fog in restrooms, and airport workers wearing protective equipment such as eyewear and masks.

"The leisure market is going to come back first domestically, then what we call "VFR" — visiting friends and relatives — and then the business," said Vicki Jaramillo, Orlando International Airport's senior director of marketing and air service development.

"Over 65% said they feel very comfortable, (that) they would be flying," Jaramillo said.

Orlando International Airport leaders plan to share what's gleaned from the survey with its airlines.

"This past year, we were the busiest airport in the state of Florida, we want to continue that. It's important to restore the confidence," Jaramillo said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a 90% decrease in flight travel at the airport, officials said a few weeks ago. The facility's new Terminal C is more than halfway done, but airport leaders are considering cutting $226 million from its construction budget and reducing the number of new gates from 19 to 15.

Over at Daytona Beach International Airport, officials announced a "Ready to Fly Initiative." The airport has installed protective barriers at ticket counters and shops. It has also added social distancing signs and have personal care kits available for passengers.

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