In The Community
Connecting Our Communities

This year at Spectrum News 13, we set out to gain a deeper understanding of the communities we cover, particularly those that are underserved, or neglected, or only covered, if there's something bad happening. 

We wanted to get to know these communities, to understand the issues facing the people who live there, what their hopes, and dreams are, what they feel needs to change, and what they would like to be celebrated about the place they call home.  We called these "Listening Tours". We started by visiting, and listening, without cameras or recording devices. 

We listened and learned. We heard a lot of pride, and a sense of history, but also that some things needed to change. We started with just a few areas in Central Florida but we expanded. Because along the way we realized that we are very much a part of these communities as well. 

This page reflects these stories of Connecting our Communities. And if you've got something you'd like to talk with our journalists about. We're here to listen.

Spectrum News 13's Ybeth Bruzual speaks with community members. (Spectrum News 13)
Want Us To Come To Your Neighborhood?

Each community has a story. Each community has a history that should be shared. 

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