ORLANDO, Fla. — SeaWorld Orlando is conducting test runs for its newest attraction, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster.

What You Need To Know

Test runs for the coaster, which is scheduled to open sometime this spring, have been happening since earlier this month — during the day and in the evening.

On Monday, park visitors were able to catch the ride in action as the coaster train was dispatched from the station in intervals. 

Pipeline features surfboard-style ride vehicles designed to simulate surfing. Riders, who will be upright instead of in a typical sitting position, will experience five airtime moments as the coaster reaches speeds of up to 60 mph.

The coaster also has twists and turns, including a wave curl inversion that will simulate an alley-oop surfing maneuver.

Pipeline takes over an area of the park that was previously used for festivals and seasonal events.

SeaWorld has not yet announced an opening date for Pipeline: The Surf Coaster.


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