ORLANDO, Fla. – Space 220, the highly-anticipated space-themed restaurant at Epcot, officially opened to the public on Monday.

What You Need To Know

  • Space 220 has officially opened at Epcot

  • The space-themed restaurant simulates a dining experience 220 miles above Earth

  • The restaurant offers a prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner

  • The dining room offers views of space

The new dining experience, located next to the park’s Mission: Space attraction, will simulate traveling 220 miles above Earth to a space station that will allow Disney World visitors a chance to dine among the stars.

It all begins on ground level, where visitors will check-in for their dining experience. The lobby features artwork that offer a preview of the views visitors will once the leave Earth.

After checking in, visitors are given boarding passes for one of the space elevator, known as stellarvators, which will take them up to the Centauri Space Station. Once inside the elevator, visitors can watch their journey from Earth to space from a window in the floor. First, they'll see Epcot and then the view widens to show Florida and then Earth. The space elevator will also be used on the trip back to Earth. 

When visitors leave the elevator, they’ll find themselves aboard the space station where artificial gravity keeps everyone from floating away. In the hallway leading to the dining room is the Grow Zone with rotating produce featured on the menu. They’ll then be guided to their table in the dining room, where several large windows offer panoramic views of space and Earth. Outside the windows, visitors might see other spacecraft or travelers go by.

To further add to the theming, atmospheric background music plays in the background. 

Now to the main attraction, the food. Space 220 features a prix fixe menu of “upscale, contemporary” cuisine. There's a two-course lunch menu for $55 per person, while the three-course dinner menu costs $79 per person. Among the appetizers, there’s Blue Moon Cauliflower (tempura fried cauliflower), Starry Calamari (fried calamari) and Neptuna Tartare (tuna tartare). As for the entrees, the list includes Bluehouse Salmon, Flat Iron Steak, and Roasted Free-Range Chicken.

The restaurant also offers a kids menu for lunch and dinner at $29. And just for the kids, there are collectible Space 220 trading cards, which come with the purchase of a kids meal or non-alcoholic cocktail. 

There’s also a wide selection of themed cocktails called Atmospheric Spirits, wines, brews and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Space 220 comes from the Patina Restaurant Group, which operates several restaurants at Disney World, including The Edison and Maria & Enzo's Ristorante at Disney Springs.

Space 220 is only accepting walk-ins through Sept. 26. After that, it will start accepting reservations, which opened Monday morning, but were booked up to November within minutes. 

The new restaurant comes amid a multi-year transformation at Epcot. As part of the project, the park is getting new attractions, stores and shows. The new Creations Shop as well as a reimagined Club Cool recently opened at the park. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at the France pavilion will debut Oct. 1 as will a new nighttime show called Harmonious on the World Showcase Lagoon.


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