ORLANDO, Fla. — Universal Parks and Resorts is planning to add Nintendo-themed areas to its theme parks in Orlando and Hollywood, California.

  • Universal files patent application for ride technology
  • Effect would make riders feel like they're moving fast
  • Tech may be used for upcoming attractions like a Mario Kart ride

The company recently filed a patent application for a ride system effect that could be used for Nintendo attractions, possibly even a Mario Kart ride.

The patent titled "Speed Simulation Effect" describes technology that uses techniques to give riders the feeling they are moving at high speeds even if the ride vehicle slows down.

"For example, the speed visual effects may be dynamically adjusted during vehicle slowdowns such that, even during vehicle deceleration, the vehicle passengers experience that they are hurtling ahead of high speeds," the application states.

The effect would allow riders to experience "speed thrills" in areas of the ride that have space constraints and don't allow high speeds.

To achieve the effect, videos showing various images would be projected along the ride path. Diagrams included in the application show a ride vehicle traveling down a path with screens on either side. Videos would be played on the screens at different speeds to create the illusion that riders are traveling at a "high speed" even if the ride stops.



Universal has not officially stated which attraction the technology could be used for. Of course, there's no guarantee that the technology in the patent application will make its way into the parks.

As far as the Nintendo-themed areas are concerned, Universal Studios Japan is scheduled to open Super Nintendo World in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Similar versions are coming to Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando, but Universal hasn't said when.

Universal Orlando has filed development plans for what appears to be a new theme park on a 541-acre site near Universal Boulevard and Sand Lake Road. Nintendo attractions as well as DreamWorks-inspired rides could be added there.

In the meantime, Universal visitors have the new Harry Potter-themed coaster to look forward to. Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is set to debut June 13.

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