Brevard Public Schools needs help in the cafeteria as the district deals with a worker shortage.

Nearly 50 positions open positions are just waiting to be filled — to fill students' stomachs so they can concentrate on learning. 

What You Need To Know

  • Brevard Schools has a cafeteria worker shortage

  • The district is asking members of the community to help out

  • Administrators are filling in on under-staffed lunch lines

Julie Voorhees serves up school lunches in Brevard. Her career in the rear view, she answered the call to volunteer in the cafeteria at Viera High, her daughter's school.

"I don't miss the corporate world at all," she said. "I discovered it was so much fun, and just my contribution, we were able to open up lines. And kids now have time to get their lunches," she said.

With fewer people applying to work on the lunch lines, combined with free lunches being offered this year, demand is higher than it has ever been.

"One of the most important things we have to do each day is make sure our students are fed so they can accomplish the great learning in the classroom," Viera High Principal Sarah Robinson said. That's why she and some of her staff have been picking up spoons and filling in. 

"It's amazing to see the responses people have made, and the impact it has on our school community just by one or two stepping up," Robinson said, talking about the district's call for people to help out. 

"If you are ready to get back out there, we could use you," Voorhees added.