ST. CLOUD, Fla. — For some, language is an intricate art form, flowing from one sentence to another, while for others, it can be a brick wall that detours learning. 

  • Students say they are grateful for teacher Erika Booth
  • Booth says her kindergarten teacher inspired her
  • Find out how you can nominate the next A+ Teacher

An ​Osceola County  A+ Teacher uses language as a multi-platform learning tool, designed to bring out the best in her students.

Sixth grade students work in harmony at Harmony Middle School in St. Cloud.  Their teacher Erika Booth accepts no less than their best in her Language Arts class.

While she teaches students with disabilities, she was nominated as an A+ Teacher for the emphasis she puts on their abilities.

Booth says, "I really have a special heart for that …  for helping kids and know that that every student matters."

Just ask students like Madalynn Smith how her going the extra mile makes them feel. Smith sums it up in just one word. "Grateful."

Another student named Antonio showed off a magic trick when we asked about Booth, saying, "If we have a problem with our work and she's like, 'All right. I got you.'"

Booth challenges herself to try to find out how each of her students learn.

"Whether they're a visual learner or auditory learner, ​kinesthetic … where they work with their hands a lot. I'm a visual learner and that's key to those kids to know that's what works for you," she said.

Booth's kindergarten teacher was her inspiration passing along lifelong lessons.

"I remember we were always coming up with ways to help each other in class and she really made a difference in me and I haven't had a chance to tell her yet but I definitely will after this," she recalls.

A teacher for 16 years, Booth really believes her students can and will do it all.

She adds, "Many of them talk about careers and I still spark that — you can do this — you can. Really when these kids make that success it means like ten times more to me because I know how hard they've worked."